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MPR News In Focus: Learning in the Time of Covid

Wednesday, September 29
Show | 12pm

A challenging school year lies ahead in Minnesota, a state that ranks as one of the country’s worst when it comes to inequality in educational outcomes between white students and their BIPOC peers. Schools are facing significant staffing shortages as the COVID-19 delta variant spreads, while families must cope with the continued impact of the pandemic on their finances, social lives and mental health. 

As many students and educators return to the physical classroom for the first time since the pandemic began, how can we work together to prevent Minnesota’s disparities in educational outcomes from worsening? What challenges do students, parents and educators face after a prolonged period of distance learning, and how do we address them in a way that works toward equity and inclusion? 

 MPR News host Angela Davis moderates our latest In Focus event, a conversation with parents, teachers and advocates about navigating the transition back to in-person learning. 

 In Focus is a series of convenings we are committed to leading on Minnesota’s persistent racial disparities. Through conversations with community leaders that are shaped by our curious, engaged audience, we hope to encourage new connections and relationships that will help Minnesota communities make progress toward equity and inclusion. 

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