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Minnesota High School Music Listening Contest

Friday, February 07
Show | 1pm

Championship Contest: Friday, Feb. 7, 2020

Celebrating its 33rd year, The Minnesota High School Music Listening Contest is an independent not-for-profit competition providing an ideal opportunity to enrich students’ experiences with classical, ethnic, and popular music in a fun and competitive environment.

In this nationwide contest, students develop skills in active listening and critical analysis by learning to identify composers, cultures, periods and styles. The contest is open to high school students, 9-12th grade, from public, private, home schools, or music studios. During the fall, students form teams of three; participants receive a study guide and access to the MLC Playlist that contains all the musical selections they will need to compete effectively. All teams participate in regional competitions throughout Minnesota and Utah in January; first- and second-place teams from each region advance to the Championship Competition in February.