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Magnum Chorum: From Light to Light

Sunday, March 01
Show | 3pm

In the stillness of March, we explore the majesty of God’s creation and precious seasons of life from first light to sunset. You’ll hear The Word Was God by Rosephanye Powell capturing the moment of creation, as McDermid’s From Light to Light immerses us in earth, fire, water and Ešenvalds wonders at the Stars. We yearn for spring as “the narrow bud opens her beauties to the sun” in Dove’s Passing of the Year, a seven-movement work with poetry by Blake, Dickinson, and Tennyson. You’ll discover the gorgeous Strathclyde Motets by MacMillan invoking a radiant dawn to shine on those who dwell in darkness. Encounter “the sea, sunset and darkening blue” in Tonight Eternity Alone by Clausen and The Music of Stillness by Elaine Hagenberg as music by Chilcott and Elder’s Elegy reassure us that “as we go, this we know, God is nigh.”