Talking Sense – Skills for Disagreeing Better – Rochester, MN

Wednesday, April 24
Show: 6pm

During what promises to be a divisive election year, MPR News and the nonprofit organization Braver Angels are partnering to create Talking Sense, an online and in-person platform to help Minnesotans have hard conversations better. On Wednesday, April 24th, the University of Minnesota, Rochester will host an in-person Talking Sense event at the Chateau Theatre in Rochester, MN, at 6 pm. This event will be open to students and members of the community.     

In this polarized time, we lack a basic understanding of why people on the other political side hold their beliefs. We don’t see them as they see themselves–through their core values and central concerns–but instead as we choose to see them. We are tempted to regard our own side as principled and the other side as self-interested. 

When we try to communicate across this gap, we often lack the skills for listening carefully, looking for common ground, and sharing our perspectives in ways that connect rather than create more misunderstanding. We can learn to disagree better in this polarized time, which means accurately seeing where we differ and where we share common ground. 

This workshop is brought to you by Braver Angels, Minnesota Public Radio News and the University of Minnesota Rochester. Through it, we aim to help you reach the following goals: 


  • More understanding of the values and concerns of people who differ from you politically 
  • Better skills for listening in a way so that the other person feels heard 
  • Better skills for sharing viewpoints in a way the other person might hear — even if they disagree 

Join us!  
Space for this event is limited and will be managed to establish a mix of people with conservative, liberal, and independent political views. Once we have reached capacity, we will take names for a waiting list. Audio and video of this event will be available after the event on and excerpts from the event will air via radio broadcast on MPR News. 

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